The Big Bike Bash is quite possibly the biggest prize giving event of the year, and we don’t just give all the cool stuff to the fastest or best riders either. The 30 gnarly events happening over the weekend are all about encouraging people to have go at riding in some shape or form and we try our very best to make sure everyone goes home with something! None of this would be at all possible without the tremendous support and huge generosity from our awesome event sponsors, some of which have been with us from the very beginning. So a massive thank you to everyone below whose forces combined make the Big Bike Bash the amazing prize giving, rider rewarding, bike bling treasure trove machine it is today! In 2014 PRIME CONSTRUCTION really stepped up the support and  provided pretty much the whole of the infrastructure items for the event !  Thank you PRIME CONSTRUCTION ! Prime - Part of the Elliott Thomas Group Logo   P.S. this year’s prize pot is currently worth £8,500 and growing fast so buy your tickets today.

Big Bike Bash Sponsors

 ANIMAL  mule  rapidracer
NewForce CHAPEAU dccycles
buff dmrbikes earlyrider
four4 giraffe lezynepumps
schwalbetyres wyndy dumbletonpark
middleburn scimitar ananichoola
ospreypacks roughrideguide PerfectBalance
torqfitness bottlesport endura
imbmag CHAPEAU ctc
headcamz maxifuel
forest juice superstar
taylormade cycleworld greenoil
 pixelwood  darkstar  recommended
 hallwoodhouse  ringwood  sunnrepublic